They already love music. With iPods and mp3s they rarely leave home without it. They’re willing to stand in line for hours for their favorite artists, as loyal concertgoers. They have discretionary time and money, not to mention heaps of natural ability and unlimited artistic potential to play, and play well.

Yet youth are still relatively unexposed and remain the untapped market in the world of classical music. And, ironically, they hold the future of symphony – even the Sarasota Orchestra – in the palm of their hands.

The Sarasota Orchestra recognizes it must change the face of its music to survive. With subsidy cuts and traditional audiences dwindling, it is clear a new era has begun where the symphony must be delivered to the youth rather than waiting for them to find it.

Even though many youngsters today have never experienced classical music first hand, the Sarasota Orchestra recognizes them as the future. Once we reach them, they are our most receptive participants. The Orchestra is committed to transforming the symphony into a youthful medium, where children and teens don’t replace their pop music with Mozart, but add him to their playlists.


Sarasota Youth Orchestras

The Sarasota Youth Orchestras has been hailed as one of the most exemplary youth programs in the Southeast. The nationally acclaimed artistic staff, conductors and coaches have created a learning experience for the young musician that is unparalleled in our community.

The philosophy, underlying the program, is to involve all interested children from third grade through high school in classical and symphonic music, both as audience members and musicians. During their 30-week season, seven different orchestras rehearse weekly and play concerts publicly. Students can expand their skills, increase musical knowledge, develop a strong team spirit and most of all have fun with other youth.  For more information please click here.


Sarasota Youth Orchestras

Sarasota Youth Orchestras


Summer Music Camp

School-aged children on summer break can maintain or gain musical skills during the Sarasota Orchestra’s summer program June 26 – July 14, 2017. Offering the perfect escape from hot Florida summer days, campers will enjoy this three-week musical adventure in an air-conditioned concert hall. No prior experience is required, this camp is open to students of all abilities and is the ideal time for a beginner to try out a musical instrument or for intermediate and advanced students to hone their own skills or sample something new. Activities for string, wind, brass and percussion students include daily rehearsals in a large ensemble, a technique class, and skill-building in a rhythm class. Classes are kept to manageable sizes, so every student receives individual attention.  For more information please click here.

Rhythm class during the Sarasota Orchestra's Summer Music Camp

Rhythm class during the Sarasota Orchestra’s Summer Music Camp



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