The mission of Save Our Seabirds is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release sick and injured birds and to educate the public about avoiding injuries and preserving habitats.




Save Our Seabirds receives over 4,000 distress calls from caring citizens throughout the Sarasota and Manatee Counties per year. Our initial response is to determine what might be wrong with the bird and whether it is feasible to actually catch the bird and bring it to our hospital. We then dispatch the nearest available rescuer from our list of volunteers to transport the bird to our hospital for treatment. We do everything we can to rehabilitate and release the bird back into the wild, preferably near the place where it was rescued.

Birds that are unable to be returned to the wild are given permanent homes in our beautiful Wild Bird Learning Center, which is right next to Mote Marine Laboratory on City Island in Sarasota.  Our Wild Bird Learning Center houses over 120 fascinating birds of dozens of species, and is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 365 days a year.

Our unique Wild Bird Learning Center offers fascinating educational displays featuring live birds that have been injured and treated, but are unable to be returned to the wild. Strolling along our “Birdwalk,” visitors compare and contrast the various types of diversification and adaptation that make each species unique, and also gain an insight into why each species has evolved specific features, such as beaks, legs, feathers, or feet, in order to survive in their respective natural habitats. Visitors also learn about the various environmental risks to birds, and how to help minimize them.

Our education programs include:

  • A series of fully accredited, age-appropriate field trips for school children.
  • Summer camps for groups of all ages.
  • A comprehensive and rigorous college internship program.
  • Various seminars such as “Don’t Cut The Line,” Wild Bird Rescue Training, and Baby Bird Care Training.

Hawk with bandage (2)

Our Explorations include:

Grades K-2

Who’s That Bird? (downloadable from the Save Our Seabirds website before the visit or distributed upon arrival/teacher-guided or docent-guided)

Follow the path through Save Our Seabirds and search for these birds. When you spot the bird, circle its picture. Learn the birds’ names and facts about how and where they live in the wild.

60-90 minutes • 6:1 student/chaperone ratio • students $10 • chaperones free


DSC osprey_1Grades 3-5

Beaks and Feet: A Closer Look at Adaptation (docent-guided)

As you observe the birds at Save Our Seabirds, take a close look at their beaks and feet. Discover how much they tell us about what a bird eats and how it gets its food. In our Education Center, take a hands-on approach to trying to “eat like a bird.”

60-90 minutes • 6:1 student/chaperone ratio • students $10 • chaperones free

Baby GBH

Grades 6-8

Bird Scavenger Hunt (downloadable or handout/teacher-guided or docent-guided)

As you follow the path through Save Our Seabirds, find the birds described on your Scavenger Hunt Search List. Learn how these birds are adapted for survival in the wild, what they eat, where they nest, how they are grouped and classified based on shared characteristics and behaviors, natural threats/predators.

60-90 minutes • 6:1 student/chaperone ratio • students $10 • chaperones free



Grade 8

Interactive Career Exploration Series #5: “So You Want to Explore Careers in a Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary?”

Are you interested in exploring careers that rescue, care for, and save the lives of wildlife? Then do not miss this exciting behind-the-scenes interactive tour focusing on the careers and technologies involved in the successful operation of a wildlife sanctuary. This is the only exploration that allows behind-the-scenes access to Save Our Seabirds!

60-90 minutes • 2 Rotations • 6:1 student/chaperone ratio • students $10 • chaperones free



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Website: http://www.saveourseabirds.org

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