South Florida Museum is the largest natural and cultural history museum on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The museum interprets the region from the Pleistocene to the present. Highlights include fossil evidence of Florida’s earliest mammals and marine species and the Montague Tallant collection of prehistoric and early post-contact archeological artifacts. Recently opened is the Environmental Wing focusing on Florida’s ecology and bio-diversity in the Pine Uplands and Riverine Galleries.

The Bishop Planetarium is a multipurpose, all-digital domed theater. But first and foremost, the planetarium is a remarkable astronomy education resource, allowing visitors to explore their universe through traditional live star talks and immersive virtual journeys to the far reaches of the cosmos.


For tour information and scheduling please contact  Amy Bower, Program Coordinator or by calling 941-746-4131 ex 13


Our outreach programs are designed to compliment classroom instruction with hands-on lab opportunities directly aligned with state standards. For more information, click on each program title.

  • DNA Extractions (Life Science, General Science)
  • Fossils (Earth Science, Life Science, General Science)
  • Solar System at Your Fingertips (Earth & Space Science)

For outreach programming please contact Samantha Sprague, Curator of Education, 941-746-4131 ex 31



6 weeks, 6 themes, 1 wild time!

From building bridges, skyscrapers and robotic rovers in Engineering Camp to investigating crime scenes and learning to fingerprint in Forensics Camp, our Summer Science Camp delivers experiments and challenges to engage your young learner in a variety of fun and in new ways.

For more information please contact Samantha Sprague, Curator of Education or by calling 941-746-4131 ex 31

Explorations Contact: Samantha Sprague

Phone: 941-746-4131, x 31



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