The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature is the largest natural and cultural history museum on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The Bishop interprets the region from the Pleistocene to the present. Highlights include fossil evidence of Florida’s earliest animal inhabitants, the Montague Tallant collection of prehistoric and early post-contact archeological artifacts, and the Environmental Hall focusing on Florida’s ecology and biodiversity in the Pine Uplands and Riverine Galleries.

The Museum also features an all-digital Planetarium and the Parker Manatee Rehabilitation Habitat. At The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, you can learn about the world around you – land, sky, and sea – through the lens of Florida’s natural sciences.

We are proud to offer schools a variety of virtual and in-person field trips and other educational experiences. Learn more about each option below in the Explorations section or at our website.

When school is out, join us for fun and adventure with The Bishop’s Science Camps. Curious adventurers, ages 7-11, can enjoy different explorations each week. Campers will discover topics through games, crafts, experiments, The Bishop’s exhibitions, and other resources.

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