EdExploreSRQ Interactive Career Exploration Series #7: “ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE! So You Want to Explore Careers that Combine Artistry with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math? Then Let’s Go to the Theatre!

      “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.”  ~ William Shakespeare


“Making a dramatic impact on all stages of life.” We exist to celebrate and nurture creative expression, to foster human communication and understanding, and to delight and challenge our audiences through the highest quality theatre and performing arts.


Our core values include:

  • Commitment to Integrity
  • Inclusiveness
  • Fairness
  • Excellence
  • Accessibility
  • Growth


            “Venice Theatre is without a doubt one of the best things to happen to my son!”

We will:                                    

-Produce outstanding shows and strive for excellence in every performance.                                                                                                           

-Provide hands-0n learning experiences in all aspects of theatre for children, adults, and seniors.

-Celebrate the achievements of volunteers and staff.

-Provide value for our supporters

-Join in with other community theatres in the state, region, and nation for mutual assistance and celebration


      “Because of the work that (Venice Theatre ) does,

my son was able to experience something that has changed his life and the way he looks at things.”

Program Diversity includes:

     Technical Theatre Apprenticeship Program (TTAP): A career track training program for students 16 years and older who are interested in technical theatre as a career path. The program is accredited by the Florida Department of Education. Upon completion the apprentice is certified as a stage 3 Technician

     -Musical Theatre Internships: Recent college graduates and emerging theatre professionals audition to join us on stage from mid-September through May. This program is designed to give valuable hands-on experience and mentoring to aspiring actors.

     -The Loveland Partnership: The collaboration between our two non-profit organizations gives students with developmental challenges the opportunity to learn life skills through theatre study. Participants meet at the theatre twice weekly throughout the season for classes and rehearsal which culminate in a full-scale production on Venice Theatre’s stage. 



About the EdExploreSRQ Interactive Career Exploration Series: 

  The Education Foundation and EdExploreSRQ partners have created this series to expand EdExploreSRQ by providing career exploration experiential field trips to middle school students whose career interests can be aligned with education programs in high school and beyond. “Providing interactive career exploration activities in high school may be too late. This early engagement is a key to helping students who are transitioning into high school to define their future” (ACT, 2015). After all, as quoted by America’s Promise Alliance, how do we expect young people to dream if they don’t know what they can dream about? Those dreams can include all types of careers, but only if students are aware of their existence. Such awareness not only benefits students but also benefits communities seeking a trained “home-grown” workforce. This initiative is in direct alignment with the Sarasota’s Chamber’s “STATE of JOBS” and “TALENT4TOMORROW & WORKFORCE” pillars!

“Experiential learning can be an effective method for helping students’ integrate course material into their day-to-day lives, actualizing the material in a real-world setting, thereby increasing the value and retention of the material.”

(Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching: June 14, 2013)

Explorations Contact: Kristofer Geddie

Phone: 941-488-1115, ext. 247

Email: kgeddie@venicetheatre.net

Website: http://www.venicestage.com

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