EdExploreSRQ Interactive Career Exploration Series #8: So You May Be Interested in Working in a Law Firm?!


“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word:

freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, and hope.”

~Winston Churchill


Education and Training Opportunities include:

Summer Associate Program: Offers law students the opportunity to work with Williams Parker attorneys and to be provided with the experience and tools to ensure success.


Williams Parker Gives Back!

Sarasota has a rich tradition of strong civic organizations and community engagement, especially regarding community foundations and arts, cultural, and human services organizations.

We are proud of the central roles played by our attorneys and staff forging some of the area’s most enduring and iconic institutions and leading organizations and initiatives responsible for the area’s good fortune and character.

Our volunteerism generates long-term prosperity for the area.

“We are proud to call Sarasota home!”


Awards and Honors include:

  • U.S. News and World Report (2017): Best Law Firms
  • Super Lawyers (2016)
  • Florida Trend’s Florida Legal Elite (2016)
  • (Listed in) Best Lawyers in America



About the EdExploreSRQ Interactive Career Exploration Series: 

  The Education Foundation and EdExploreSRQ partners have created this series to expand EdExploreSRQ by providing career exploration experiential field trips to middle school students whose career interests can be aligned with education programs in high school and beyond. “Providing interactive career exploration activities in high school may be too late. This early engagement is a key to helping students who are transitioning into high school to define their future” (ACT, 2015). After all, as quoted by America’s Promise Alliance, how do we expect young people to dream if they don’t know what they can dream about? Those dreams can include all types of careers, but only if students are aware of their existence. Such awareness not only benefits students but also benefits communities seeking a trained “home-grown” workforce. This initiative is in direct alignment with the Sarasota’s Chamber’s “STATE of JOBS” and “TALENT4TOMORROW & WORKFORCE” pillars!

“Experiential learning can be an effective method for helping students’ integrate course material into their day-to-day lives, actualizing the material in a real-world setting, thereby increasing the value and retention of the material.”

(Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching: June 14, 2013)


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Explorations Contact: Blanca Diaz

Phone: 941-927-0965

Email: BDiaz@edfoundationsrq.org

Website: http://www.williamsparker.com

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